We hope to educate and build awareness among visitors, residents and homeowners about the existing laws, and negative effects of the illegal vacation rental‘s in neighborhoods.

This group is comprised of 15 active long term community members, as well as a supporter list numbering in the hundreds and growing. We are concerned about many quality of life issues caused by the proliferation of illegal Transient Vacation Units (“TVU’s”) in Hawai’i. We are based on the North Shore of Oahu, but also partner with other Hawai’i people and groups in the same boat.

The people in this group have a wide variety of backgrounds: we are both home owners and long term renters. Some of us are native Hawaiian, some born and raised in Hawaii, and some are simply long term residents. Some of us are business owners, some of us are employees. Some of us have a lot of money, some of us have none. What brings us together is that we care about our community. We care about our families, friends, neighbors, co-workers and all people and communities impacted by this issue.

SNSN strongly supports the tourist industry, and is happy to host visitors from around the world who come to see the sites and enjoy the surroundings. However, we hope that long term residents, native Hawaiians and others who work daily to make and keep Hawai’i the special place it is, can also stay in their homes and communities.

We are not asking for money (although donations towards promotional materials are always greatly appreciated!) We just ask you to support this cause in any way you can;  sign the petition, put a sticker on your trash can, wear a shirt, leave a comment here and educate a friend!






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