Working to preserve Hawaii’s residential homes, communities and quality of life.

Hawai’i law requires that all home rentals in areas zoned as RESIDENTIAL must be a minimum of 30 days. This includes those paying a Transient Accommodation Tax (TAT). See why it is illegal and more via the links in the Menu.

FINES: $1,000.00 for initial violation, then $1,000 per day. It can also lead to a lien on the property. 


“Transient rentals (less than 30 days) of lodging that are not in areas zoned for resort use are prohibited under the Land Use Ordinance (LUO) No.86-96. New Bed & Breakfast homes are prohibited in ALL zoning districts under Ordinance No.89-154 (in effect as of Dec 1989).”   CITY & COUNTY OF HONOLULU DEPT OF PERMITTING AND PLANNING


Beach Front Hawaii

VRBO NO! Houseless camps on Hawai’i beaches are much too common since the proliferation of illegal vacation rentals.


Thank you for making legal and socially responsible choices when visiting or living in Hawai’i! Mahalo!




We ask that whatever your opinion is, please treat neighbors and vacation renters with kindness and respect. We are all entitled to an opinion and freedom of speech. We ask that people be polite to each other, and “agree to disagree” if that is the case.  




COMMENTS: Your comments and input is welcome! Your email address will not be posted, and you can use your initials or ‘anonymous’ in the name box.


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9 responses to “ALOHA

  1. The shittiest part is that i can walk through those places and I know about more than half of them and I knew them before they hit the skids. The system has forgotten who is in charge here. Not them. Its us… And we wanted this system run with the use of the heart for all to enjoy a higher quality of life. This is HA’OLE. where’s Linda Lingle and Mufi Hanneman? Profiteers of the Hawaiian lands that belong to no man. We are the caretakers of the Earth. The Earth takes care of us. Working in unison with the land, not out of greed and power and control. Time to use that heart, gang.

    • Joe Pastana

      You got it right Christopher! We need to take care of our community first! We can’t just sweep all these people aside! There has to be a stable place for them to go. And affordable housing is part of the answer, not these high priced Malibu homes going up everywhere (that aren’t available to working class people)! Let’s look at whats important to us. Is it money or the lives of our neighbors and friends?

  2. Dina

    Thank you for finally addressing this issue. My entire family is currently displaced from the North Shore, after 3 generations out there! We all work hard, we all went to school, we thought we did everything “right”- but the divide is too large these days. Seems like the Corporate Greed slogans of other groups can apply to all the issues out there. Might sound funny, but the Illegal TVU’s are the ‘poor’ mans version of corporate greed.

  3. anonymous
    The EPA fines cesspool users as ‘large capacity’ without permit or renovations to leach field if they use a cesspool more than 20 times per day in any day of any month. Big fines. Criminal penalties for willful non-compliance. The EPA famously serves their warrants with armed agents, too.
    Individual residences are exempt. Are TVU’s serving a dozen people or more (we know one with dozens of beds) really exempt from these fines? The use of often failed cesspools in sandy soils near the finest surfing beaches on the planet is already a scandal, and when you add in 20+ uses in any single day in de facto resort-use of single family residences, you get potential criminal liability.

  4. anonymous

    Turtle Bay’s revised Environmental Impact statement, now out, says traffic for about 1000 new dwellings (625 hotel rooms, about 160 worker housing, and about 300 time share units) will increase 28% on a typical Saturday non-holiday weekend.
    If that’s so, how about our existing 450 un-permitted hotels (vacation rentals)? At an average of 2 to 3 bedrooms each, they amount to 900 to 1,350 under the table hotel rooms. Might they not have increased traffic 28 to 35% from what it would be without them on a typical Saturday? Uh….yeah!
    How do we allow un-remarked a 1,350 room scattered hotel, with no sewage improvements, no road improvements, no security, no extra parking, no permits, no public hearings, no Defend Oahu opposition, no Keep the Country Country objections, and then…..wonder why the traffic is so bad already????

  5. Here it is surf season again and my next door neighbors, who bought and paid to much for the property 3 months ago, have 12 sponsored traveling surfers staying in it. Up late at night, loud, un local, crowding the surf…

    The owner is a rich Doctor and a Realtor from town.

    Rich people always break the laws in BIG ways with no concern for the working class. Such B.S.

  6. vico vasquez

    Love you ad I ns news. send me your mailing address so I can send donation !!

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