Working to preserve Hawaii’s residential homes, communities and quality of life.

Hawai’i law requires that all home rentals in areas zoned as RESIDENTIAL must be a minimum of 30 days. This includes those paying a Transient Accommodation Tax (TAT). See why it is illegal and more via the links in the Menu.

FINES: $1,000.00 for initial violation, then $1,000 per day. It can also lead to a lien on the property. 


“Transient rentals (less than 30 days) of lodging that are not in areas zoned for resort use are prohibited under the Land Use Ordinance (LUO) No.86-96. New Bed & Breakfast homes are prohibited in ALL zoning districts under Ordinance No.89-154 (in effect as of Dec 1989).”   CITY & COUNTY OF HONOLULU DEPT OF PERMITTING AND PLANNING


Beach Front Hawaii

VRBO NO! Houseless camps on Hawai’i beaches are much too common since the proliferation of illegal vacation rentals.


Thank you for making legal and socially responsible choices when visiting or living in Hawai’i! Mahalo!




We ask that whatever your opinion is, please treat neighbors and vacation renters with kindness and respect. We are all entitled to an opinion and freedom of speech. We ask that people be polite to each other, and “agree to disagree” if that is the case.  




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